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Small business. Great change.
People and economies thrive when small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are empowered to reach their full potential. SMEs create 75% of all jobs in Latin America, but many need better connections to markets, information, and supportive policies. They need support and incentives to access new markets, adopt sustainable practices, and strengthen workers’ rights. The U.S. Department of State has funded the World Environment Center (WEC) and its partners, Le Groupe-conseil baastel ltée (Baastel), Context Partners, and EarthShift Global, to select organizations who are accelerating business development and promoting sustainable economic growth in Latin America.



Le Groupe-conseil baastel ltée released the Evaluation Report of the Initiative La Red de Innovación e Impacto carried out during the years 2013-2017 executed with funding from the U.S. Department of State. This evaluation gives evidence that the initiative has been relevant and highly satisfactory in its entirety. 


The evaluation findings demonstrate that the Program was relevant and highly satisfactory overall, and most of the expectations set out during planning and design were achieved. The USD 500,000 grant to each of the four selected projects of the Innovation Challenge and the USD 80,000 grant to each of the eight awardees of La Red de Innovación e Impacto provided these organizations a vital boost to grow their innovative projects, enhancing their ability to expand and/or replicate their solutions in other countries and contexts.


To know more about the results, download the Program Evaluation Report here:


Rolando Chamy, Director of the Center of Biotechnology of Curauma (Chile) and Ronald Fonseca, Director of the Cleaner Production Center of Nicaragua, joined together to facilitate training workshops in Nicaragua about "Measurement of Carbon Footprint".

More companies are interested in applying the Carbon Footprint quantification to become environmentally friendly.

"The Carbon Footprint shows how a company measures its emissions of greenhouse gases while mitigating them to move towards productivity and sustainability with the environment" by Rolando Chamy.

More information:


Logo_Medio.jpgPower to Grow: The Innovation Challenge Fueled by La Red de Innovación e Impacto launched by U.S. Department of State.

Innovation Challenge to Empower Central American Micro-Enterprises. Power to Grow is a search to discover and reward organizations that are empowering micro-enterprises in Central America. 

Awardees will each receive a comprehensive support package, up to $43,000 to promote their solution, and partnership with a current member organization of La Red de Innovación e Impacto. Working together, the awardee and La Red member will leverage shared experience and knowledge, benefit from cross-sector collaboration, and forge a coalition to empower micro-enterprises. 

The selected organizations will be announced by the end of July. Visit to know more about this challenge.  


Free Online Brown Bag Sustainability Webinars organized by Earthshift Global


Accelerating Sustainable Economic Growth, Innovation and Job Creation Opportunities While Building Capacity of Organizations. A Review of Results Achieved by the Innovation Challenge and La Red de Innovación e Impacto.

Webinar - March 15th, 2018 - Gwen Davidow, Acting President and CEO, World Environment Center (WEC)"Scaling home-grown innovation to spur sustainable economic development: La Red de Innovacion e Impacto". View recording here:

Webinar- April 26th, 2018 - Elodie C. Roy, Consultant- Results-based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation: "Accelerating sustainable economic growth, innovation and job creation opportunities while building capacity of organizations. A Review of Results Achieved by the Innovation Challenge and La Red de Innovación e Impacto". View recording here:

Events Calendar

29 - 30 de october, 2018  Power to grow Ceremony awardees and La Red Summit - Antigua, Guatemala. 

25 - 28 de october, 2018  First Community-based Tourism Centro America Encounter organized by Travolution - Antigua, Guatemala

July, 2018  Power to Grow Challenge winners will be announced.

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